Live and learn.

I’m engulfed with sadness
Consumed by emptiness 
I feel hardly any happiness, if any happiness at all
I’m slowly breaking piece by piece I’m losing this uphill battle
I have no more energy to fight
Each breath is a struggle, each smile in agony 
Why does no one see, the sad girl that is me?
I’m trapped, something I never wished to be
How can I fix myself, when I’m shattered in such small pieces
My mind is consumed by negative thoughts, no one must know the things I have floating around in there, it would give some nightmares
"I must stay strong" I tell myself everyday
How? Why? Whats the point? Creeps into my mind after
For now I will continue to hide my suffering, for as long as I can anyway

Hey everyone I’ve started a youtube channel and I’d love you guys to check it out and let me know what you all think !


Friends who bring up embarrassing things you did a long time ago 


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